What my clients are saying

As someone focused on self-improvement, I was always interested in hearing speakers or selecting books on various subjects. After starting sessions with Tracy, I realized there is only so much self-reflection you can do to figure out what you can improve. You really leap forward when someone is providing their insights on you, to you. Tracy has a natural talent for what she does that supersedes what any mentor or friend can do.

Tracy’s insights helped me uncover root causes of what has been holding me back from a stronger relationship with family and friends. And I already felt I had strong relationships! I entered with the expectation of focusing on work, but have found benefits and connections to all parts of my life.

At work, Tracy has helped me change my approach to getting work done. As a result, I have found more time in my day and feel more fulfilled. The sense of control I have over my work and how I spend my time is extremely satisfying. It’s an amazing feeling to leave work without any email in my inbox every day!

Tracy has given me tools I can use long after my sessions end. She teaches you how to be self-reliant and to find answers on your own. The result of this coaching for me has been more confidence at work, more enjoyment in my personal relationships, and an empowerment knowing I can make my life whatever I want it to be.

Melissa (Varcak) Colbeck

Senior Brand Manager, Safeway

Tracy is phenomenal! She is an expert in the area of coaching and has the absolute perfect demeanor for working with busy executives in an unknown & often turbulent business environment. She is incredibly flexible to the immediate needs of the client; whether coaching through the program curriculum or talking through big picture strategy. I worked with Tracy for over 6 months after returning to work after my second child. She helped me produce positive results quickly enabling me to move forward faster on important career goals and business initiatives

Alyssa Duggan

VP Business Development, PromoWorks, a division of CROSSMARK

Recently, I had a personal coaching call with Tracy, and was impressed by how she was able to laser in on one of my main blocks to biz performance: giving too much information to a client or prospect. She helped me figure out a way to overcome that by simply telling myself mentally to “slow down” and ask the client if they are feeling overwhelmed with information! That comes under the category of “self-mastery”!

Ellen Vaughn Simonin, RPT, APC, M.Ed.

VP Business Development, Independent Representative at Nu Skin Enterprises

Working with Tracy is powerful! She has a warm yet very direct approach to get you to look deeper and think broader about key areas of high performance. She is very insightful and her questions help you to see things in a different light and unravel how to refocus one’s energy and thoughts. She pushes and challenges you to reach even further and think of new approaches. Each sessions cover so much! She is friendly, bold, and intuitive all at the same time. Tracy truly cares! She really pushed me to be my best and to take everything to the next level!

Michelle DeVault Huljev

Founder & Certified High Performance Coach | MDH Group, LLC, MDH Group, LLC

Tracy’s curriculum and the topics we discussed each week were definitely most helpful in getting me to really think about where I’m standing, how I’m holding myself back, and how I can break out and move forward and improve not just my career, but also my life. Tracy is a great communicator and listener, and truly cares about her clients. I can see she is passionate about helping people in this way! I recommend Tracy for anyone who is considering High Performance Coaching.

JoAnna Weaver

Sales Merchandiser Manager, PACT Apparel